ActiFry – Enjoy fluffy crispy chips and so much moreEnjoyed by more than five million households world-wide, the Tefal ActiFry has been cooking deliciously healthy meals in British households since 2007. In a nutshell, the ActiFry is a revolutionary product which allows you to enjoy tasty, traditional, home-cooked chips, but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating. Its patented technology ensures you can cook a variety of delicious meals with all-round cooking results.The healthier way to fry: Fluffy crispy chips with just 3 per cent fatWant to enjoy fluffy crispy chips and not feel guilty about it? Simply cut up fresh potatoes and using just one spoonful of oil, you can make one kilogram of golden, crispy home-made chips, which is enough to feed a family of four. The ActiFry allows you to cook crispy and fluffy chips and enjoy them with your family, guilt-free. That one spoonful contains 100 times less oil than a traditional deep fat fryer, which not only means that your food is substantially healthier, but cooking is also more economical and safe for the whole family. For frozen foods, you can even cook your meals without adding any additional oil.
FZ710029 Actifry
FZ710029 Actifry

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