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Enjoy an effortless and speedy scanning solution with versatile imageFORMULA DR-F120 scanner, featuring an integrated automatic document feeder and flatbed unit. It’s perfect for capturing a wide range of document types in high quality.BenefitsKeep productive with 20ppm duplex scanning and 50-sheet ADFScan books, magazines or fragile materials with the integrated flatbedAchieve outstanding image quality with the scanning resolution up to 2400dpiScan with ease using CaptureOnTouch 3 and one-touch job buttonsScan to editable-PDF and connect to your cloud applicationsMaximised productivityCapture various types of document types accurately and efficiently with the DR-F120: a compact all-in-one scanning solution that offers both an automatic document feeder (ADF) and flatbed. You can save yourself valuable time using the 50-sheet document feeder, with its faster 20ppm scanning speeds. The DR-F120 can be relied on to get through your work with a suggested daily volume of up to 1000 scans.Effortless paper handlingThe DR-F120 gives you complete flexibility to scan a wide range of materials despite its compact body size and small footprint. The straight-through ADF path accommodates A4-width documents, and media of up to 1,000mm in length. You’ll enjoy increased reliability and time-savings when scanning mixed documents as a result of the separation roller in the feeding mechanism. The flatbed scanner is ideal for handling media like books, passports or magazines, and effortlessly captures pages up to legal size. It’s equally at home with photos or other thick, thin and delicate documents.Superior image qualityThe DR-F120 delivers superior quality results time after time, due to its 2400dpi scanning, wide range of built-in image enhancement features and Canon’s renowned imaging technology. You’ll achieve unprecedented colour accuracy that stays true to the original document via the scanner’s 3-Dimensional Color Correction function.Simple, user-friendly operationAchieve superb results with just a single touch of a button using the Full Auto Mode that automatically applies the best settings for each scanned image. Built-in tools eliminate blank pages and automatically detect paper size and text orientation; while the automatic deskew feature straightens documents fed at an angle. Frequent tasks can be made even simpler by assigning them to 3 job buttons on the scanner panel.Bundled software gives you more choiceThe DR-F120 offers a simple and intuitive scanning experience using Canon’s CaptureOnTouch 3 software. Users can scan, edit and send their documents even more easily with this versatile scanning solution. Its step-by-step icon-based user interface lets users quickly convert their paper documents to multiple file formats (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and PowerPoint). CaptureOnTouch is equally capable as a simple document filing solution that lets users scan and create searchable PDF documents – including easy text-based search and retrieval. Cloud plug-ins to SharePoint, SugarSync, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive™ and Evernote are included, ISIS and TWAIN drivers are also provided.Easy to own and maintainDR-F120 is easy to maintain because of its user-friendly design. The feed rollers are user-replaceable, which means you won’t incur the cost of calling out a service technician. Your costs stay low due to the scanner’s high energy-efficiency, using less than 20W in operation.Technical Specifications:General InformationType: Desktop Type Flatbed Scanner with ADFScanning sensor unit: CMOS CIS 1 Line SensorOptical resolution: 600dpi/1200dpiLight source: RGB LEDScanning side: Front / Back / DuplexInterface: High speed USB 2.0Dimensions (WxDxH): Tray Closed: 469 (W) x 335 (D) x 120 (H) mm, Tray Opened: 469 (W) x 335 (D) x 151 (H) mmWeight: Approx. 4.6kgPower requirements: AC220 – 240V (50/60Hz)Power consumption: Scanning 19.9W or less, Sleep Mode 2.5W or less, Power Turned Off less than 0.5WOperating environment: 10 – 32.5 °C (50 – 90.5 °F), Humidity: 20 – 80% RHScanning SpecificationsBlack and White (A4, 200dpi): ADF: 20ppm / 36ipmColour (A4, 200dpi): ADF: 10ppm / 18ipmOutput resolution: 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 240 x 240dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi, 1200 x 1200dpi, 2400 x 2400dpiOutput mode: Black & White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 8-bit Greyscale (256-Level), 24-bit ColourSuggested Daily Duty Cycle: Approx 1000 scans/dayDocument SpecificationsWidth: ADF: 51 – 216mm, Flatbed: up to 216mmLength: ADF: 89 – 356mm, Flatbed: up to 356mmThickness: ADF: 35 – 128g/m² (0.05 – 0.15mm)Long document mode: up to 1000mmCard scanning: Width: 51mm Length: 89mm Thickness 128 – 209g/m²Paper separation: Retard Roller MethodFeeder capacity: 50 sheets (80g/m²)Special FeaturesAutomatic Page Size Detection, Deskew, Auto Colour Detection, Text Enhancement, Skip Blank Page, Text Orientation, MultiStream, Preset Gamma Curve, Prescan, Edge Emphasis, Colour Dropout (RGB), Colour Enhancement (RGB), Moire Reduction, Character Emphasis, Prevent Bleed Through/ Remove Background, Remove Shadow, Border Removal, Erase Dot, Erase Notch, Punch Hole Removal, Apply corrections for photos, Double Feed Detection (By Length), Automatic Feeder/Flatbed detection, Rapid Recovery SystemBundled SoftwareWindows: ISIS /TWAIN Driver (Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 Server 2008/Server 2012), CaptureOnTouch 3, EMC Captiva Cloud Runtime ControlsWhat\’s in the boxScannerSetup DiscSetup GuidePower AdapterPower CableUSB Cable
imageFORMULA DR-F120 Office Document Scanner

  • Type‎:‎ Desktop Type Flatbed Scanner with ADF
  • Scanning sensor unit‎:‎ CMOS CIS 1 Line Sensor
  • Optical resolution‎:‎ 600dpi/1200dpi
  • Light source‎:‎ RGB LED
  • Interface‎:‎ High speed USB 2.0
  • Black and White ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 20ppm / 36ipm
  • Colour ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 10ppm / 18ipm
  • Suggested Daily Duty Cycle‎:‎ Approx 1000 scans/day


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